2022 Gaia DR3 Chicago Sprint
Picture: 2022 Gaia DR3 Chicago Sprint
Andromeda galaxy
The 2022 Gaia DR3 Chicago Sprint is a 3-day regional workshop to kickstart projects using data from the Gaia satellite's third data release (DR3). Gaia DR3 will provide large numbers of low- and medium-resolution spectra, radial velocities, stellar parameters, variable stars, solar system sources, non-single stars, quasar host galaxies, and time-series photometry around the Andromeda galaxy. We hope the workshop will establish new scientific connections amongst universities in the Midwest. This workshop will coincide with the Gaia DR3 release on June 13th and the 2022 NYC Gaia DR3 FĂȘte.

Organizing Committee
Ani Chiti
KICP/University of Chicago
Alex Drlica-Wagner
Fermilab/KICP/University of Chicago
Alexander Ji
KICP/University of Chicago

To register for the workshop please submit the online Registration Form. Registration deadline: June 1, 2022.

All participants are required to review and agree to follow the KICP Community Values.

Picture: Location
William Eckhart Research Center (ERC)
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
William Eckhardt Research Center (ERC), Room 401
5640 S Ellis Avenue
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, 60637

Contact Us
For questions about the workshop, please contact us at 2022Gaia@box.uchicago.edu