On September 21-23, KICP will be holding a workshop on Future Cosmic Surveys. The workshop is intended to gather community input and support for five potential future projects, outlined in "Cosmic Visions Dark Energy: Science", produced by the DOE group. Related ideas were presented in the National Academies sponsored Elmegreen report; the recent NOAO/Kavli sponsored study; and the NRAO 2020 Futures Program.

The first day will be an overlap day with the CMB-S4 workshop preceding it; Thursday will be devoted to plenary talks about the five potential projects; Friday morning, we will break up into groups for each project and formulate a plan for developing the case for the projects; we come together Friday afternoon to hear and comment on the individual plans.

If you are interested in helping develop these cases, please contact the people listed below:
  1. Southern Spectroscopic Instrument: Katrin Heitmann and Jeff Newman
  2. DESI-2: Shirley Ho and Risa Wechsler
  3. Low Resolution Spectroscopy: Juan Estrada and Enrique Gaztanaga
  4. 21 cm: Adrian Liu and Anze Slosar
  5. Billion Object Apparatus: Kyle Dawson and Chris Hirata

On Thursday evening there will be a reception for all participants.

Organizing Committee
Lindsey Bleem
Argonne National Laboratory
Scott Dodelson
Brenna Flaugher
Joshua Frieman
Katrin Heitmann
Argonne National Lab
Christopher Hirata
Ohio State University
Klaus Honscheid
Ohio State University
Alessandro Manzotti
Jeffrey Newman
University of Pittsburgh / PITT PACC
Aaron Roodman
Uros Seljak
University of California at Berkeley
Anze Slosar
Brookhaven National Lab
Mark Trodden
University of Pennsylvania