Meeting Overview
The 22nd Midwest Relativity Meeting will be held Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29, 2012 at the University of Chicago. The format of the meeting will follow previous regional meetings, where all participants may present a talk of approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on the total number of talks. We intend for the meeting to cover a broad range of topics in gravitation physics, including classical and quantum gravity, numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics, cosmology, gravitational waves, and experimental gravity. As this is a regional meeting, many of the participants will be from the greater United States Midwest and Canada, but researchers and students from other geographic areas are also welcome.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP) at the University of Chicago.

Organizing Commettee
Daniel Holz
University of Chicago
Robert Wald
University of Chicago

Blue Apple Award
Students are strongly encouraged to give presentations. The Blue Apple Award, sponsored by the APS Topical Group in Gravitation, will be awarded for the best student presentation.
Student Presentations
  1. A Potential Mechanism for Emergent Observer-Based Space-Time
    Newshaw Bahreyni, University at Albany, SUNY
  2. Searches for a stochastic gravitational wave background with pulsar timing arrays: a data analysis pipeline
    Sydney Chamberlin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  3. Inflection Point Quintessence Cosmologies
    Hui-Yiing Chang, Vanderbilt University
  4. GRB Beaming and Gravitational-Wave Observations
    Hsin-Yu Chen, University of Chicago
  5. Gravitational Wave Searches in Pulsar Timing Data
    Justin Ellis, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  6. On charged black holes in nonlinear ghost-free massive gravity
    Caixia Gao, University of Mississippi
  7. Spin Alignment Effects in Stellar Mass Black Hole Binaries
    Davide Gerosa, University of Mississippi
  8. Cosmological constant from Massive Gravity
    Pierre Gratia, University of Chicago
  9. A Proxy for Massive Gravity
    Lavinia Heisenberg, Case Western Reserve University
  10. Search for long gravitational-wave bursts and high-energy neutrino coincidences
    Shivaraj Kandhasamy, University of Minnesota
  11. Classicalization as Possible UV Completion
    Luke Keltner, Case Western Reserve University
  12. Averaged null energy condition in curved space
    Eleni-Alexandra Kontou, Tufts University
  13. Galileon radiation from binary pulsars
    Andrew Matas, Case Western Reserve University
  14. Interferometer Instrumentation on the Fermilab Holometer
    Lee McCuller, University of Chicago
  15. Gauge Conditions and Black hole Stability
    Kartik Prabhu, University of Chicago
  16. Inadequacies of the Fisher Information Matrix in gravitational-wave parameter estimation
    Carl Rodriguez, Northwestern University
  17. Dynamical and Thermodynamic Stability of Perfect Fluid Stars
    Joshua Schiffrin, University of Chicago
  18. Causal structure of black hole interiors in spherical symmetry
    Alexander Urban, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  19. Studying the Effects of Tidal Corrections on Parameter Estimation
    Leslie Wade, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  20. Sub-Solar Mass Black Hole Search in S5 Initial LIGO Data
    Madeline Wade, UW-Milwaukee

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