The era of large photometrically identified samples of Type Ia Supernovae (SNIa) has begun, opening the door to a variety of cosmological probes. This workshop will focus on analysis methods being applied to current data sets (e.g., CfA, CSP, DES, Foundation, PS1, SDSS, SNf, SNLS) and new methods anticipated for future data sets (e.g., LSST, WFIRST). We will discuss how current methods need to evolve for the challenge of much larger SNIa samples, and also discuss the challenges of developing new analysis methods. This meeting will include presentations with significant discussion time. We have limited travel support for early career scientists.

All participants are required to review and agree to follow our KICP Community Values.

Organizing Committee
Richard Kessler
University of Chicago
Clare Saunders
LPHNE, France
Daniel Scolnic
Duke University

Picture: Location
William Eckhart Research Center (ERC)
Room 401, William Eckhart Research Center (ERC),
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics,
5640 South Ellis Avenue,
Chicago, IL