KICP is hosting a workshop "Dark Matter at the LHC" this fall on the University of Chicago campus. The workshop will include both theorists and experimentalists actively working on LHC signals of dark matter. The focus will be on model independent approaches. Some topics we plan to cover are monojet, monophoton, and related searches, and improvements in theoretical predictions and experimental techniques. The goal of the meeting is to discuss avenues for taking full advantage of the next LHC run for dark matter studies. This includes exploring new signals of DM models that may be challenging for direct detection or indirect detection experiments, as well as more sophisticated calculations and analyses to improve existing searches.

  • Monojet searches for dark matter
  • Mono-photon, mono-Z, mono-b, and other signatures
  • Effective field theory constraints
  • Theoretical improvements in calculations

The workshop will be held on the University of Chicago campus. The location is Stuart 101 on Thursday and Friday, and Kent Hall on Saturday.

We plan to start the workshop Thursday morning at 9:00am and conclude around 12pm on Saturday. Breakfast will be provided every morning, and lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Organizing Committee
Rocky Kolb
University of Chicago
Tongyan Lin
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
Sarah Malik
Bjoern Penning
Lian-Tao Wang
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
Steven Worm

Online Materials