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The Auger North Design Workshop will focus on the optimal design for the Northern site of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

The imminent completion of the Southern site of the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina will mark the beginning of a new era in Particle AstroPhysics. After 2 years of operations, the Southern site will increase by one order of magnitude the worldwide exposure to the highest energies particles and should begin to unveil the long standing mystery of the origin of the ultra-high energy cosmic rays.

It is time to design the Northern site of the Auger Observatory to meet the challenge of CHARGED PARTICLE ASTRONOMY. The energy range between 1019 eV and 1020 eV is of particular importance as it provides a window to point back to the sites where such fantastically high-energy particles originate. The Auger North Design workshop will coordinate the present international R&D effort to design the most effective Northern site Observatory. The present plan calls for a much larger array with wider spacing to fully explore the ability to point back to possible sources.